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Business-Technology Integration

Guiding organisations toward achieving new heights through business process and the best use of Information Technology

Service Innovation & Process Redesign

Technology allows for new services to be provided, or old services to be provided in new ways, or to reach new markets. KDi has an established track record of designing technology-enabled processes that can: 

  • Take advantages of the presented opportunities

  • Puts in place mitigating measure to track, manage and reduce operational risks

For KDi, designing a technology-enabled solution is a process of co-creation with the most affected stakeholders.

Design considerations include the service journey of the end-customers or citizens using the process, as well as innovations that promote efficiency and increased quality of service.

Enterprise Data Management

Information technology allows for large amounts of data to be cheaply and easily collected. However, these data is only useful if it is structured in a way that makes it easy to analyse, share and re-use. 

KDi’s Enterprise Data Management services can: 

  • ​Entrenches good data management habits to maintain accurate data.

  • Develops a common understanding across agencies and business units. 

  • Encourages the capture of performance data for evidence-based management.

Organisations adopting our best practices in data management will find it more efficient to share data across technology platforms, and to add productive insights to their ever-growing information needs.

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