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Assist organisations to co-create desired business objectives through transformation

Digital Transformation



Up-scaling businesses by outsourcing strategic procurement activities, leverage through KDI’s insight and network for enhanced supplier selection, contract negotiation or specification management.

Project, Program & Vendor management

Implementing transformation with a deliberate program. Leveraging through KDI’s program management offices service offerings, organisations are able to transform towards their objectives with a pair of great helping hands.

Change management

Evolving organisation in today’s ever-changing environment, leveraging through KDI’s proprietary change management philosophy. Organisations are able to transform through deliberate change management. 

Outsourcing & Procurement

Managing information technology is a complex undertaking. The technology manager has to navigate between many competing needs: responsiveness and reliability, robustness and cost efficiency, adopting the latest features and managing the pace of change.

Structuring the commercial relationships between the organization and competing technology providers requires a clear understanding of the organisation’s needs, engagement and disengagement models, and the total life-cycle costs of technology decisions

KDi's Outsourcing and Procurement services assist clients in developing:

  • Detailed understanding of their needs

  • Procurement strategy that encompasses objective measures,

  • Road-map for managing and expanding a complex environment.


Project, Program & Vendor Management

Any meaningful change involves many stakeholders, and in a large technology project, multiple vendors, and existing technology partners.   At the same time neither the organization nor the environment in which it operates will remain static. This creates new or modifies existing demands on technology. Good program managers are able to juggle these complexities and achieve meaningful outcomes within reasonable timeframes and budgets.

KDi has an established track record of creating Program Management Offices within client organisations that can work with technology partners to deliver ambitious outcomes. The key differentiating factor is that KDi considers issues surrounding both technology and business operations when developing project structure and strategy.


As a result, KDi is able to deliver small but significant and visible results throughout the lifetime of multi-year projects. When taken together, these results produce the compelling change first envisioned by organization leaders.


Change Management

Frequently, our clients tell us that the use of technology requires a “change in mindset”. From KDi’s perspective change requires both motivation and capability. Change needs to be led and inspired, and cannot be a merely be product of planning and strategy. The use of technology also requires skills and competencies in new work processes. The effective adoption of technology requires institutional change and thus strong leadership and the effective re-training of employees.

KDi’s uses a structured change management approach:

  1. Identify the readiness of internal and external stakeholders for change

  2. Provide a strong engagement process

  3. Obtain feedback and current status as change progresses

  4. Develop adaptive strategies that address the needs of the various stakeholder groups.

Through this process, KDi helps leaders make a smoother transition between existing practices and the target operating model.