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Digital Transformation Masterplanning

Assist organisations to enhance business value through  transformation masterplanning

Architect hold plans

Visioning & Planning

As with all endeavors it is good to begin with the end in mind and must be considered in the context of competing priorities, existing development plans, and resources and facilities that are already available.

With that in mind, KDi’s Visioning and Planning workshop will: 

  • Establish goals and priorities for technology investment in line with development plans. 

  • Develop consensus on national or business priorities, and how technology can assist in achieving these goals.

  • Develop intermediate investment objectives, focus on building local capability and management capacity, laying the foundation for future work.

Outsourcing & Procurement Strategy

Managing information technology is a complex undertaking. The technology manager has to navigate between many competing needs: responsiveness and reliability, robustness and cost efficiency, adopting the latest features and managing the pace of change.

Structuring the commercial relationships between the organization and competing technology providers requires a clear understanding of the organisation’s needs, engagement and disengagement models, and the total life-cycle costs of technology decisions

KDi's Outsourcing and Procurement services assist clients in developing:

  • Detailed understanding of their needs

  • Procurement strategy that encompasses objective measures,

  • Road-map for managing and expanding a complex environment.

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