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Facilitating change

Author: Anjena Seewooruthun

Book Detail:

If you are a Change Facilitator, officially or unofficially, this thin book will inspire you and offer practical tools for becoming a pivotal team member in managing change. 


The author shares the vision, the strategies and the tools for successful facilitation.


If you are a sponsor, a project manager or a middle manager engaged in complicated initiatives, you will also want to read this book because it will convince you that the Change Facilitator is a crucial link to project and program success.


You will discover how change facilitation is an essential business value.   Public and private sectors struggle from significant project failures that are on time, within budget and scope because it is not used by people in the organization or does not perform the functions the organization needs. Successful initiatives are those that bring sustainable organizational change.


You can benefit by using the relationship approach recommended by the author in any type of change initiative. While the idea of a relationship with each groups of stakeholders seems simple enough, the challenge comes in building those relationships with major stakeholders who have distinctly different world views, levels of influence and power. Change facilitators must be able to deal with diverse relationships without wavering from their integrity and the job they have been hired to do. 


The author personifies the key attributes of a skilled Change Facilitator. She believes in, and demonstrates in this book, how the way people experience the change journey matters enormously. Refined and strong navigation skills within the framework of the relationship model need to be the mantra for every effective Change Facilitator.


Learn how you can utilize this powerful relationship model. As the author points, out, navigation skills within the framework of the relationship model are what you can rely on to facilitate change that matters. 


The overarching objective of change facilitation is to bring alignment to the project vision, consistent enthusiasm for project implementation and adoption of new practices. By building relationships of trust with the project manager, sponsor and middle management, the change facilitator can navigate steadily and fluidly to bridge gaps in alignment and communication. The facilitator is then better able to lobby, influence and positively influence transition during the change journey.


To facilitate change is to enable people living the change by understanding it, accepting and adopting it. A successful change facilitator puts people at the center of the change by focusing on how changes to systems, processes and technology impact people. This is done through the creation and implementation of a change management strategy and plan which seeks to maximize people’s engagement and minimize people’s resistance to enable a smooth transition.  

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