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Leading Change that Matters - Making Adoption a Reality

Authors: Dr Nancy Harkrider, Tan Kim Leng and Rosa Mollo

Book Detail:

Nelson Mandela observed that if you speak to people in an adopted language they will understand intellectually. If you communicate in their own language the message is embedded in their hearts.

Our Spanish colleague Rosa Mollo agrees with Mandela. She volunteered to adapt our original book because she believes that delivering it in Spanish will speak powerfully to her culture. Now that Rosa’s skillful adaptation is in our hands we are eager to share it with Spanish readers. 

Our global team has similar requests from clients in China, Vietnam and Africa. KDi-Americas CEO, Dr. Nancy Harkrider points out that “we can only hope we are able to find other professionals like Rosa who embrace our philosophy and have the skills to edit powerful adaptations that reach wider audiences with the powerful message of Lideres Del Cambio Que Importa.”.


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