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Is an MBA relevant in today's digital economy?

In today's digital economy, is an MBA still relevant? Find out more about the relevance of an MBA in today's digital economy, through the insights of KDi's Managing Director -

Mr Tan Kim Leng, an Nanyang MBA alumnus from the class of 2004.

What do you need from an MBA? Tan Kim Leng, an MBA alumnus from the Class of 2004 and the managing director of KDI Asia, a consultancy that specialises in change and innovation practices, says instead of asking whether one should do an MBA programme, prospective students should ask what an MBA can do for them in their professional field. 

“The MBA’s value lies in what problem you’re trying to solve, what are the skills and problem space you want to be very good at?” he says. (Quote from - )

(Photo from NBS Managing Business Tomorrow - Post Graduate Fair 2019)

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