Our consulting solutions help to address a broad spectrum of organisational needs that will unleash the real potential and shape the capabilities of the organisation.


We enable organisations to arrive at the desired state by working with people that are affected by change. Today, change is a critical but often overlooked element in organisations. From implementing new work practices to adopting enterprise systems, sweeping change happens and people respond to it by either committing to or resisting it. It all depends on how prepared organisations are in anticipating and harnessing support of the members to establishing new behaviours and work towards a common vision.

We provide a proven approach to managing capability-based process improvement and innovation. Our structured improvement methods, process innovation, and capability modelling and analysis ensure that the business processes, people and technology are integrated into a coherent enterprise capability model. The outcome is an optimised enterprise-wide process design that improves performance, quality, and manageability of business processes. To deploy the process design, pragmatic communication and training programmes are also tailored to prepare the affected members for the transition.

We advocate a pragmatic approach to managing organisational knowledge by focusing on defining a knowledge strategy to guide the identification, measurement and execution of an integrated knowledge management initiative. Our unique knowledge development framework emphasizes on fostering appropriate knowledge sharing behaviours and cultivating the cultural conditions to set the stage for the implementation. By introducing our four structured knowledge practices - capturing, codification, collaboration and classification, we help organisations move beyond the rhetoric and accelerate the development of internal knowledge.

We leverage on a holistic approach to plan and deploy ICT in public and private sector organisations. Managing the challenges of adopting ICT for the organisations is a top priority of many leaders. ICT governance is critical to the successful application of technological tools to advance the goals of the organisations. By aligning ICT to the operational and service requirements, we help organisations adopt effective ICT governance practices that ensure greater returns for investment. For the public sector, our e-Government solutions and services are specially tailored to address the unique needs of this sector.


Our supporting solutions help to address specific needs in team development and group-based engagements that augment our broader consulting solutions.

We facilitate team building workshops to build high-performing executive teams. Our workshops aim to foster strong internal partnerships and create an environment whereby senior executive team members can recognise the importance of team values and team spirit. Participants will learn about their personal behavioural styles and discover the real value of team work in a dynamic environment. In addition, team cohesiveness is fostered through improved interpersonal communication, trust and personal commitment towards the organisation’s shared goals. 

We facilitate focus groups to provide a forum for key stakeholders such as customers or suppliers to exchange ideas, discuss service/operation issues, and offer feedback on upcoming initiatives. The participants also have the opportunity to discuss service and support requirements, and review new products and technologies. The focus group approach could be used to identify opportunities for improving the service experience, address specific business issues, and share the plans for future initiatives. Feedback from the focus groups will enable organisations to prioritise future process improvements, service enhancements, and other strategic change initiatives.